Gender Studies Minor

The Gender Studies minor educates students about the nature of gender dynamics and gender inequality, and situates individual experiences of gender socialization in educational, historical, aesthetic, sociological and political contexts. The Gender Studies minor also equips students with the knowledge and analytical abilities needed to engage critically with gender-related issues, and recognize and transform gender inequality in their own lives and in the world at large.

Program Competencies

The purpose of the program is:

  1. To challenge students to use a variety of critical thinking and problem-solving skills to recognize and contend with gender dynamics and inequality at the individual and social levels.
  2. To develop students' understanding about the ways in which different cultures socialize members into gendered roles.
  3. To expand students' knowledge, skills, and consciousness regarding their choices about institutionalized societal structures such as family, healthcare, education, political systems, work, and leisure.
  4. To inform students of the diversity and impact of contributions from individuals of various identities throughout history and across academic disciplines in a multicultural and global society.

Gender Studies Minor Requirements

Core Requirements

GST 273Introduction to Gender Studies


Total Credit Hours:3


Choose 18 hours from the following options

GST Electives

NURS 303Women's Health Care


NURS 304Men's Health Issues


NURS 475Human Sexuality


Total Credit Hours:18

Total Credit Hours: 21