Open Records Request

Morehead State University is a public agency operating in compliance with the Kentucky Open Records Act, KRS 61.870 to 61.884. University Administrative Regulation (UAR) 901.04 sets forth the University’s regulations governing inspection of the public records of Morehead State University.

All requests for open records shall be made to the Office of General Counsel, the official custodian of the public records of Morehead State University, by hand-delivering, mailing, faxing, or emailing said request to the following:

Office of General Counsel
Morehead State University
305 Howell-McDowell Administration Building
150 University Boulevard
Morehead, Kentucky. 40351
Phone: 606-783-2053
Fax: 606-783-9153

Requesting parties must submit a written request for records, describing the records being requested and including the name and signature of the requesting party and a statement that the party is a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as defined by KRS 61.870(10). A requesting party can elect to use the open records request form provided by the Office of the Attorney General, but use of the form is not required.  The form can be found by visiting: