Academic Grievance Procedure

When a student has an academic dispute with a faculty member over a final grade, there are procedures that exist to resolve the complaint in the most satisfactory way for both the student and faculty member. 

A student may file an academic grievance for the following reasons:

  1. Alleged prejudice on the part of the instructor that impacts the student's final course grade.
  2. Alleged failure to follow the final grading procedure established in the course syllabus that impacts student’s final course grade.
  3. Alleged erroneous application of established grading procedures on individual assignments that impacts student’s final course grade.
  4. Alleged significant departure from the instructor’s, department’s, program’s, college’s or university’s announced standards as stated in the course syllabus, catalog description and/or other written materials.
  5. Alleged inconsistencies with University or program policy, or alleged arbitrary application of evaluation/performance standards, that results in program dismissal.

This policy requires several steps to complete the process. For detailed information concerning the grievance policy, visit UAR 112 at

The student grievance form can be found at If you are unable to access the form electronically or need additional assistance, contact the Office of the Provost at 606-783-2002.