Counseling Ed.S. (School Counseling)

The Ed.S. in Counseling is an online program.

Admission Requirements

  1. General admission to graduate study (for criteria, refer to "Admission to Graduate Study").
  2. A master's degree in school counseling from an accredited program.
  3. Certification as a P-12 school counselor.
  4. Evidence of superior scholastic performance as indicated by a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  5. A GRE composite score of 286 on the verbal and quantitative sections with a minimum verbal score of 143 or a 33 raw score (385-390 Scaled Score) on the Miller Analogies Test is required.
  6. Evidence of writing ability: a brief research or term paper written by the candidate that demonstrates the candidate's ability to cite and reference scholarly research using the current American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual format.
  7. Completion of the requirements below:

Program Competencies

  1. Knowledge of the major contemporary theories, which form the foundation for the current practice of professional counseling.
  2. Knowledge of basic research techniques and methodologies sufficient to function as informed consumers of professional literature and to conduct applied and action research projects.
  3. Knowledge of the organization and administration of school counseling and guidance services consistent with current professional standards and Commonwealth of Kentucky statutes and regulations.
  4. Knowledge of fundamental psycho-educational assessment theory and practice. Knowledge of legal and ethical issues in assessment and testing. Knowledge of how to (1) select standardized tests, (2) interpret scores to students, parents and school personnel.
  5. Knowledge of human development, learning, and behavior required to function as entry-level professional school counselors.
  6. Knowledge of legal and ethical issues in counseling.

Requirements for the Degree

  1. Unconditional admission to the program.
  2. Successful completion of 30 credit hours of coursework including the successful completion of an approved Applied Project (six credit hours).
  3. Successful completion of an oral examination and oral defense of applied project report.

Program Requirements

Counseling Core

EDGC 679Advanced Practicum in Counseling


EDGC 683Advanced Counseling Theory


Choose three of the following:

EDGC 674Seminar in Guidance and Counseling


EDGC 676Directed Study


EDGC 680Family Counseling


EDGC 682Counseling Issue in Sexuality


Total Credit Hours:15

Nature and Psychology of the Individual

PSY 600Seminar


Total Credit Hours:3

or higher


EDGC 662Assessment in Counseling


Total Credit Hours:3


Choose one of the following:

EDIL 619Technology and Best Practices for School Improvement


EDIL 621Research for Instructional Leadership


EDGC 670Directed Research


Total Credit Hours:3

Applied Project

EDGC 699AApplied Project


Total Credit Hours:6

Total Credit Hours: 30