Music Education Concentration – Master of Music

The Master of Music in Music Education is an online program.

Program Competencies

The student pursuing the Master of Music program in Music Education will demonstrate:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of music through active engagement in listening to, performing, analyzing and creating music.
  2. Knowledge of the essential bibliographical resources and advanced competence in music research.
  3. An enlightened understanding of music learning theories and pedagogy.
  4. The ability to apply appropriate technologies to work in and about music.
  5. Advanced written and oral communicative skills.
  6. Advanced creative and evaluative skills.
  7. The ability to produce scholarly and/or creative works in music and/or music education.
  8. Understanding of and the ability to evaluate research in music education.
  9. Advanced knowledge of the foundations and current trends in music education.
  10. Advanced teaching techniques, skills and methods.
  11. Advanced knowledge of performance practices relevant to literature appropriate to the area of specialization.
  12. Knowledge of the applied pedagogies appropriate to the area of specialization.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements

MUST 665Form and Analysis


MUSH 600Graduate Music History Survey


MUSW 680Research Methods and Materials


MUST 690Studies in Musical Style


MUSH 695Seminar in Music History


Total Credit Hours:15

MUST 665, MUSH 600: As course topics change, may be repeated for credit as an elective.

Music Education Requirements

MUSE 681Foundations of Music Education


MUSE 682Seminar in Music Education



MUSE 625Psychology of Music



MUSE 641Kodaly Pedagogy and Research I



MUSW 684Comprehensive Capstone Examination: Music Education


Music Electives(Take six hours)


Total Credit Hours:15

MUSW 684 Comprehensive Capstone Examination in Music Education is to be taken during the final semester of program study. A grade of "Pass" is required for this course to satisfy degree requirements. The course consists of Master of Music program exit examination and comprehensive written and oral examinations for the concentration in music education (reviewed by a committee of graduate music faculty).

Electives may be chosen from studies in music history and literature, music theory, analysis, composition, arranging, music education, pedagogy, conducting, applied music, ensembles related to performance area (three-credit hours maximum) and music business. If the diagnostic scores are high in the areas of music history and form and analysis, the hours for MUSH 600 Graduate Music History Survey and/or MUST 665 Form and Analysis can be added as elective hours. The coordinator of graduate studies in music must approve electives.

Total Credit Hours: 30