Sociology – Master of Arts: Chemical Dependency Certification Concentration

This program is designed to meet the requirements for the Kentucky Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board for individuals who wish to be certified as chemical dependency counselors.

Program Competencies

  1. Students will be expected to demonstrate competency in individual and group counseling concerning drug and alcohol issues.
  2. Students will be able to apply acquired assessment and referral skills related to chemical dependency.
  3. Students will develop competencies enabling them to work with a variety of populations.


  1. Students will be expected to demonstrate mastery of skills as they progress through the individual courses through examinations and taped videos whereby students display skills.

    Overall demonstration of skills will be measured during the last course (SWK 664 - Practicum in Chemical Dependency). Students will be placed in an agency setting whereby they can practice/demonstrate the skill sets they have learned in previous courses.

  2. Upon completion of the required courses and the 135-hour practicum, students completing the 6000 hour practicum along with the oral and written examinations will also receive Chemical and Alcohol Dependency Certification (CADC).

Program Requirements

Sociology Requirements

SOC 615Sociological Research


SOC 650Social Thought and Theory


Total Credit Hours:6

Approved Electives in Sociology

Graduate Sociology Electives


Total Credit Hours:9

Chemical Dependency Requirements

SWK 660Introduction to Chemical Dependency Counseling


SWK 661Alcohol, Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency


SWK 662Approaches to Chemical Dependency Treatment I


SWK 663Approaches to Chemical Dependency Treatment II


SWK 664Practicum in Chemical Dependency


Total Credit Hours:15

Additional Requirements

  1. Satisfy admission requirements for the University and be unconditionally admitted to the program.
  2. Must complete all courses including practicum with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Total Credit Hours: 30