Teacher Leader - Alternative Concentration

Program Requirements

Teacher Leader Core

EDTL 601Leadership and Decision Making


EDTL 602Education in Context


EDTL 603Research and Teacher Leader


EDTL 604Collaboration for Teachers


EDTL 605Developmental Analysis of Learning


EDTL 606Curriculum and Instructional Design


Total Credit Hours:18

Alternative Concentration

This concentration is designed for Teacher Leader candidates who want to add skills and knowledge not defined in the other areas of TL concentrations. For example, a candidate may want to pursue advanced courses related to assessment or instructional design. The candidate works with his or her advisor to identify a graduate faculty consultant with expertise in the candidate’s concentration. The candidate, advisor, faculty consultant (who may be the advisor) and department chairs complete and sign the curriculum contract that lists the approved courses for the alternative concentration.

The selected concentration MUST:

  1. Enhance the competency of the initial teaching certification;
  2. Add a certification area not covered by the initial certificate; or
  3. Advance professionally to a higher position.

This concentration requires a signed curriculum contract that lists the courses required in the alternative concentration.

Total Credit Hours:12

Total Credit Hours: 30

NOTE: This degree will NOT change the area in which a candidate is certified to teach.