Sociology – Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in Sociology is an online program. It allows concentrations in four areas: (1) chemical dependency, (2) criminology, (3) general sociology, and (4) interdisciplinary social sciences. All concentrations require basic courses in theory and research methods.

In addition to these concentrations, the department participates in a cooperative Master of Social Work degree with the University of Kentucky. All of the program courses are offered on the Morehead State University campus and results in a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Kentucky.

Admission Requirements

  1. General admission to graduate study (for criteria, refer to "Admission to Graduate Study").
  2. Applicants with a degree in sociology or other related social sciences are preferable, however not required. Students with a minor in sociology or related social sciences are also encouraged to apply. In the event that an applicant's undergraduate field of study is deemed unrelated, additional undergraduate courses in sociology or social sciences may be required to ensure student success in the program.
  3. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in all sociology or related social science courses.
  4. Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher is required.
  5. International students must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and score at least a 525 for admission into the program.
  6. Submission of a two-page typewritten statement of educational and career goals relative to the program. When an applicant's materials do not clearly suggest the potential for successful completion of the program, the department Graduate Admissions Committee may also require additional materials such as submission of an undergraduate academic writing assignment, letters of recommendation, and/or an interview of the applicant.

Maintaining Enrollment

Beyond being unconditionally admitted into the program before or after the student's first semester of graduate study, all students must satisfy the degree requirements of their chosen concentration by maintaining a 3.0 GPA. Students falling below a 3.0 GPA will be placed on a one-semester probation period. Students failing to achieve a 3.0 GPA after a one semester probation will be dropped from the program. Any student receiving a grade of "C" in more than two courses required to complete their chosen concentration will be dropped from the program immediately.