Probation and Suspension

Academic Probation

Students failing to meet the scholastic standards listed in UAR 123.06 are placed on academic probation and must participate in the Academic Recovery Program the following semester. At the end of each academic term, the registrar provides a grade report that reflects grades for the term and the MSU cumulative GPA (transfer work is not calculated in the MSU cumulative GPA). As part of the Academic Recovery Program and conditions of academic probation, a student on academic probation may enroll in no more than 14 credit hours of coursework (including MSU 099—Learning for Success) during each semester and for no more than three semester hours of coursework during each summer session. Students on academic probation should retake as many classes as possible in which they earned a grade of "E," "D" or "U."

Students on academic probation will be required to complete the requirements outlined in the Academic Recovery Program. See also the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Standard.

Academic Recovery Program

The Academic Recovery Program is designed to provide resources and services to students who fall below scholastic standing guidelines. Students in the program are required to participate in an academic workshop at the beginning of the semester, complete an action plan, submit progress forms when requested, and meet with a peer coach throughout the semester. Students in the Academic Recovery Program are strongly encouraged to complete documented study hours and/or tutoring interactions. Note that the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee, the academic advisor or other designated personnel may require additional conditions for students on academic probation.

Visit for additional information regarding the Academic Recovery Program. The Office of Academic Advising and Retention can be reached at 606-783-2084, 321 Allie Young Hall.


Any student, who after two consecutive semesters (excluding summer terms) on academic probation and has not earned the GPA specified in UAR 123.06, will be suspended from the University. The suspension period following a fall semester is the spring semester; following a spring semester, the suspension period is for the summer terms and fall semester. During a suspension period, a student will be ineligible for any credits at Morehead State University.

Students suspended under this policy have the following two options:

  1. They may appeal by petitioning a hearing before the Committee on Academic Standards and Appeals if the student believes the suspension was the result of circumstances beyond his or her control. If an appeal of the suspension is granted, the student must meet all additional requirements set forth by the Committee on Academic Standards and Appeals. The committee may, in some cases, waive the requirement that the student has attempted 45 credit hours before declaring bankruptcy. Requests for appeals are made in the Office of Academic Advising and Retention.
  2. They may reapply after the lapse of one semester (excluding summer school). Students wanting to return to MSU will need to complete a new application and meet with the admissions appeal committee for consideration to be readmitted. Students returning after suspension will be required to complete and participate in the Academic Recovery Program upon readmission to the University. See also the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Standard which is a separate process.