Center for Regional Engagement

The Center for Regional Engagement (CRE) at Morehead State University sees itself as a threshold into the institution for external agencies (i.e. individual residents, nonprofit, governmental, quasi-governmental agencies and private industry) to collaborate and partner with MSU. At the same time, we see ourselves as an informational portal for our internal constituents (i.e. students, faculty and staff) to identify regional needs and provide services, resources and partner with external agencies to help improve the quality of life throughout MSU's service region related to community building, economic/entrepreneurial development, education, and health and wellness.

For more information, visit, call 606-783-9327, or email

Regional Engagement Courses

Courses marked with a "Z" designation integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. For more information, contact the Center for Regional Engagement at 606-783-9327 or