Spanish Minor

Minor Requirements

Basic Language

SPA 101Spanish Language and Culture I


SPA 102Spanish Language and Culture II


SPA 201Intermediate Spanish I


SPA 202Intermediate Spanish II


Total Credit Hours:12

Advanced Language

SPA 300Grammar and Composition


SPA 305Conversation


Total Credit Hours:6

Approved 300-400 level electives

Total Credit Hours:3

Total Credit Hours: 21

Students enrolling at Morehead State University must take a placement examination in Spanish if they have studied the language previously and intend to continue their Spanish studies at MSU. The placement test is available at any time on the web and takes no more than 30 minutes to complete; the score is sent automatically to the student and to the department. We will recommend placement on the basis of the score.

It is strongly recommended that Spanish courses begin in the freshman year and that the courses be taken without interruption.

Note: Those who begin in a more advanced class will have the opportunity to earn credit by examination for the classes they do not need to take. Please consult the department for details.