The Spanish curriculum at MSU teaches the language and the literature of the Hispanic world, whereby students will perceive areas of thought and action different from their own. More specifically, it surveys Hispanic civilization through its history, geography, and fine arts, as well as political and social institutions. For students interested in international business, the curriculum offers the opportunity to acquire proficiency in Spanish for business and commerce.

Students may receive full credit at MSU for courses taken in summer, semester, and year study abroad programs, including those administered by the Kentucky Institute of International Studies (KIIS). Summer study opportunities are offered in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain. Two semester programs are also available: one for the fall semester in Morelia, Mexico, and one for the spring semester in Segovia, Spain. Participation is strongly encouraged.

The Spanish program prepares students to enter areas of teaching, interpretation, and translation. Further, the study of Spanish aids students seeking employment in areas where knowledge of a second language is beneficial — business and commerce, tourism, social services, and the like.

Note: SPA 300 — Grammar and Composition, is a prerequisite for all other 300 and above numbered courses except SPA 305 — Conversation.