Art Area Teaching – Bachelor of Fine Arts

Special Admission Requirements

BFA Requirements:

  1. Students will apply during a range of 21-36 credit hours in art course work, and must have completed (or be enrolled in and in good standing in) the following courses the semester they are applying to the BFA program:

    1. Four Art Core courses (12 credit hours)

      1. ART 100 - 2D Design and Color Foundations

      2. ART 102 - 3D Foundations

      3. ART 109 - Digital Foundations

      4. ART 112 - Drawing Foundations

    2. One of the following survey courses (3 credit hours)

      1. ART 263 - World Arts

      2. ART 264 - Ancient-Medieval

      3. ART 265 - Renaissance-Modern

    3. Two studio and/or design courses beyond the Art Core (6 credit hours)

  2. Students must have achieved (and must maintain if accepted into the BFA program) an Art GPA of 3.0, and an overall GPA of 2.5 to apply for admission and submit work for Portfolio Application Review. Students will no longer be able to apply for admittance into the BFA program once they have surpassed a maximum of 36 credit hours in Art and Design coursework.

  3. To apply for admission, students submit a Portfolio Application. Portfolios are reviewed twice a year by faculty (once in the fall semester, once in the spring).

  4. Transfer students admitted into the BFA program complete a minimum of two semesters at MSU prior to graduating.

  5. Students of sophomore rank participate in the Sophomore Exhibition and Review in the spring semester.

  6. BFA students of senior rank participate in the Senior Exhibition in the spring semester.

  7. BFA students of senior rank participate in the BFA Exhibition in the spring semester.

  8. Seniors produce resumes and digital portfolios in Visual Art Capstone (ART 499C).

  9. Transfer students must comply with the intent of these requirements on an individually evaluated basis. Following admission into the BFA program, a minimum of two semesters at MSU must be completed prior to graduation.

  10. A total of 12 hours from Advanced Study art courses are allowable towards the degree.

  11. A total of 12 hours from Internship courses are allowable towards the degree.

  12. Completion of ART 435 - Advanced BFA Studio/Design Studies (One credit hour).

Teacher Education Requirements:

  1. TEP Admission

    1. Praxis I Core Academic Skills for Educators

    2. Completion of 45 credit hours for secondary, 5-12, or P-12 programs

    3. Minimum 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale. All college courses attempted must be part of the applicant's MSU transcript. All transfer courses, as well as MSU credit, are used in calculating GPA. There is no rounding up.

    4. Completion of the following five core courses with grades of "C" or better:

      1. ENG 100 - Writing I

      2. ENG 200 - Writing II

      3. COMS 108 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication

      4. EDF 207 - Foundations of Education

      5. EDF 211 - Human Growth and Development

  2. Praxis II Art Content Knowledge and PLT - must take PRIOR to clinical practice

  3. All students must complete 200 field experience hours PRIOR to clinical practice

*Art Education students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) prior to enrolling in ART 301, ART 321, EDSE 312, EDSE 416, EDSE 483, and EDUC 476.

Program Competencies

Students will be able to:

  1. Understand and skillfully apply various media, techniques and technology in the production and presentation of art work.
  2. Work creatively with materials, media, symbols and ideas.
  3. Understand visual art and design in historical, philosophical and cultural contexts.
  4. Reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.
  5. Communicate about art effectively in written and oral form.
  6. Develop competencies in preparation for work as artists, designers, teachers and creative workers in the 21st century.


  1. BFA Portfolio Application reviewed by faculty.
  2. Completion of the Advanced BFA Studio/Design Studies course (ART 435).
  3. Sophomore Exhibition Mid-Program Assessment
  4. Senior Exhibition Assessment
  5. BFA Exhibition Assessment
  6. Completion of the senior survey in the Visual Arts Capstone course.
  7. Teacher certification students will take the Praxis II art content exam prior to clinical practice.

Program Requirements

General Education

EDF 211Human Growth and Development (SBS2)


ART 499CVisual Art Capstone


Total Credit Hours:36

Refer to the General Education section for a complete listing of general education requirements.

Art Teaching

Art Core Requirements

ART 1002D Design and Color Foundations


ART 1023D Foundations


ART 109Digital Foundations


ART 112Drawing Foundations


Total Credit Hours:12

Studio Courses

ART 214Painting Techniques I


ART 295Sophomore Exhibition and Review


ART 300Teaching Elementary and Middle School Art


ART 304Drawing II


ART 321Materials and Methods for Secondary Art*


ART 435Advanced BFA Studio/Design Studies


ART 490Senior Exhibition


ART 495BFA Exhibition


Total Credit Hours:13

Note: ART 300 is offered during the second semester of the second year due to teacher education course sequencing. This is the only art education course offered that does not require TEP admission and allows students to participate in field experience in their content area.

Choose two of the following:

ART 263World Arts


ART 264Ancient-Medieval


ART 265Renaissance-Modern


Total Credit Hours:6

Choose one of the following:

ART 245Ceramics I


ART 294Sculpture I


Total Credit Hours:3

Choose one of the following:

ART 351Intaglio Printmaking


ART 352Lithographic Printmaking


ART 373Basic Black and White Photography


Total Credit Hours:3

Art History

Choose two 300-level or higher electives from the following:

ART 361Ancient Art


ART 362Medieval Art


ART 363Renaissance Art


ART 364Mannerist and Baroque Art


ART 46118th and 19th Century European and U.S. Art


ART 46220th Century Art


ART 463Art of the United States


ART 464Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Art


ART 467Native American Art


ART 468Appalachian Arts


ART 481German Art of the 20th Century


ART 482Contemporary World Art


Total Credit Hours:6

Art Electives

ART electivesChoose 18 hours from ART


Total Credit Hours:18

Professional Education

ART 301Field Experience in Art Education*


EDF 207Foundations of Education


EDSE 312Educational Methods and Technology*


EDSE 416Clinical Practice*


EDSE 483Classroom Organization and Management for Secondary Teachers*


EDSP 230Education of Exceptional Children


EDUC 476Content Area Literacy*


Total Credit Hours:30

Total Credit Hours: 127