Auditing Courses

An auditor is a student who enrolls and participates in a course without expecting to receive academic credit. The same registration procedure is followed and the same fees are charged as courses taken for credit. An audited course is not applicable to any degree. Audit enrollment will not be considered a part of the minimum number of hours required to determine full-time status or normal load. Audit enrollment will be counted in determining overload.

Regular class attendance is expected of an auditor. Other course requirements, which may be obtained in writing from the instructor, will vary depending on the nature of the course. Students interested in auditing a course should contact the instructor and discuss course requirements prior to enrolling. Failure to meet audit requirements for the course may result in the auditor being withdrawn from the course at the request of the instructor with a "WY" (Audit Withdrawal) entry made on the student's transcript. A successful audit will be recorded on the transcript with the designation "Y." Any change from audit to credit must be done by the last day to add a class. Changes from credit to audit must also be done by the last day to add a class. Refunds for withdrawals from audited courses will be prorated on the same basis as refunds for withdrawals from courses taken for credit.