Bachelor's Degree Requirements

The bachelor's degree requires students to:

  1. Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours of prescribed and elective college credit, 42 hours of which must be courses numbered 300 or above. See the academic programs section of this catalog for the specific requirements of the area of concentration or major and minor programs.
  2. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on all work completed at the University and on all work completed to satisfy area or major and minor requirements. (See academic programs for specific GPA requirements.)
  3. Complete an area of no fewer than 48 credit hours or a major of no fewer than 30 credit hours and a minor of no fewer than 21 credit hours. (These are minimum requirements. Students may also elect to satisfy two majors or a major and more than one minor.)
  4. A major, minor or area is not required for the Bachelor of University Studies.
  5. Complete at least 32 credit hours at Morehead State University, with the last 16 hours preceding graduation earned from MSU. 
  6. Fifty percent of the hours required for the major or area must be credit earned at MSU. Exceptions may be made with permission of the dean of the college in which the major or area is granted.
  7. Bachelor of Science candidates must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours in science or science-related fields.
  8. Complete 36 credit hours of general education courses. Some degree programs require specific courses (exchange courses) within each general education category. Refer to the specific program elsewhere in this catalog for detailed program/course information.
  9. Complete a three credit hour FYS 101 - First Year Seminar during the first year if the student begins as a freshman or transfers to MSU with less than 24 credit hours.
  10. For students with 24 or more transfer credit hours, the FYS 101 requirement is waived, but the student must complete an additional course in SBS I or SBS II to meet general education requirements.
  11. A bachelor's degree and an associate degree may be applied for at the same degree date. However, no more than one associate degree will be awarded at the same date.
  12. Equated courses can only be taken once for credit. If an equated course is taken a second time using the different prefix, it will be considered a repeat and the last grade received will stand.

Note: Credit earned by examination cannot exceed 32 credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree or 16 credit hours toward an associate degree.