Graduate Programs of Study

Doctor of Education

Adult and Higher Education Leadership 

Educational Technology Leadership 

P-12 Administrative Leadership 

Master of Arts in Adult and Higher Education 

Master of Arts in Art 

Art Education 

Graphic Design 

Studio Art 

Master of Arts in Communication 

Master of Arts in Counseling 

Master of Arts in Education – Educational Technology 

Master of Arts in Education – Teacher Leader 

Alternate Area 


Business and Marketing Content 

Business and Marketing Technology 


Environmental Education 

Gifted Education 

Health and Physical Education 


Interdisciplinary P-5

Literacy Specialist Endorsement 


Middle Grades 5-9 

School Community Leader (Non-National Board Certification) 

Social Studies 

Special Education 

Master of Arts in English 

Master of Arts in Sociology 

Chemical Dependency Certification 


General Sociology 

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 

Master of Arts in Sport Management 

Master of Arts in Teaching 


Middle Grades (5-9) 


Master of Arts in Wellness Promotion 

Master of Business Administration 

Health Systems Management Concentration  

Master of Music 

Music Education 

Music Performance 

Master of Public Administration 

Master of Science in Biology 

Regional Analysis and Public Policy 

Biology 4+1 

Master of Science in Career and Technical Education 


Industrial Education/Technology 

School Principal (Agr , IET

Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management 

Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration 

Master of Science in Psychology – Clinical/Counseling 

Master of Science in Space Systems Engineering 

Rank I Programs 

Career and Technical Education (AGR) 

Career and Technical Education (Technology) 


Educational Technology 

Environmental Education Endorsement 

General Pedagogy 

Gifted Students P-12 Endorsement 

Literacy Specialist Endorsement 


Education Specialist Degree 

Adult and Higher Education 

School Counseling 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Instructional Leadership 

Certificate Programs 

Director of Pupil Personnel 

Director of Special Education 

English as a Second Language Endorsement 

Environmental Education Endorsement 

Gifted Education Endorsement 

Health Systems Leadership Certification 

Health Systems Management Certification 

Instructional Computer Technology 

Post Baccalaureate Certification in Special Education 

School Principal 

School Superintendent 

Supervisor of Instruction 

Teacher Leader Fifth Year