Students planning to do graduate work in physics should follow requirements for the major. Students interested in a career in secondary physics teaching will find the requirements listed in the catalog under track 5 of the area.

Students desiring careers as professional physicists in industry, or in eventually pursuing graduate work in engineering or related fields, should follow requirements listed under the applied physics tracks.

At least 50 percent of the coursework in the major, area or minor in physics must be taken in residency.

Program Competencies

The student will:

  1. Have an understanding of the core concepts of physics.
  2. Develop analytical skills and learning techniques to enable learning new areas of physics.
  3. Read and understand technical literature and present oral reports.
  4. Be able to function in a laboratory setting to both analyze data and write reports.
  5. Be able to apply basic principles of physics in a problem-solving situation such as carrying out a technical project.


  1. Performance of graduates on entrance examinations
  2. Performance of graduates in professional schools
  3. Survey of graduates
  4. Survey of employers
  5. Exit Exam