The Department of Mathematics and Physics is committed to the education of students who intend (1) to teach mathematics at any level, (2) to apply mathematics or physics in industry or government, or (3) to use mathematical techniques and concepts in their chosen fields.

Program Competencies

The student exiting the programs in the mathematical sciences will:

  1. Analyze and solve problems in the areas of algebra, analysis, statistics and geometry. The student should be able to work individually and as a member of a team. Depending on the program emphasis, the student should possess the concept comprehension skills mentioned above at a sufficient level of expertise to function successfully as a teacher of mathematics, as a contributing member in business or industry, or as a graduate student pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics or statistics.
  2. Use technology as an aid in the solution of problems. Specifically, the student should be able to write and effectively use programs for computers and graphing calculators.
  3. Develop appropriate learning skills to foster the investigation of mathematical ideas and direct his/her own learning.
  4. Communicate the mathematical ideas learned in the program to others. This ability should exist in both written and oral forms of communication.


  1. Senior capstone
  2. Survey of graduates
  3. Exit interviews
  4. Major Field Achievement Test