Advisors: Z. Barnes, A. Macintosh

The suggested pre-pharmacy program with a chemistry major meets the requirements of most pharmacy schools; electives are tailored to meet the needs of individual students while providing excellent training in chemistry. A core of biology classes is also taken along with some business, social science, physics and math classes.

Pharmacy schools particularly encourage students holding degrees in chemistry and biology to apply for admission. Students may apply for admission to pharmacy school after three years, but a significant number of applicants spend four years at MSU and complete requirements for a BS degree. Specific courses in pharmacy school may be transferred back upon completion of pharmacy school to finish the chemistry degree at MSU. In making admissions decisions, pharmacy schools consider a student's academic record, standardized exam scores, communication skills, integrity, and maturity. Students in the Pre-Pharmacy Program are encouraged to participate in activities to develop and demonstrate all of these characteristics. Pharmacy schools also strongly advise work experience in a pharmacy. Specific courses may be required for admission to particular pharmacy schools, and pre-pharmacy students should carefully plan their course schedules with their chemistry advisors.

The chemistry major for pre-medical students develops and strengthens communication and thinking skills and gives a good background in chemistry. Additional course work in physics and mathematics helps prepare students for medical school. Most pre-medical students who major in chemistry also minor in biology, though other minors are possible. Recommended general education classes in social and behavioral sciences and humanities round out the student's education.