Advisors: K.Gibbs, M. Fultz, J. Hare, D. Saxon, C. Tuerk

Admission requirements vary among medical schools, but all recognize the importance of a strong foundation in the natural sciences (biology, general and organic chemistry, mathematics and physics), highly developed communication and thinking skills, and a good background in the social sciences and humanities. Competencies in these areas should be developed before taking the required Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Many pre-medical students elect to study an area of concentration in biology, but other options are acceptable and may be completed with the aid of the departmental premedical advisors. Certain complementary and specific general education courses are recommended for the premedical program of study. Students granted early admission to their medical school of choice may, upon completion of their medical degree, transfer selected medical school courses back to MSU for completion of their bachelor's degree in the sciences.

Since specific requirements do vary among medical schools, it is essential that the student investigate the requirements of the medical school(s) of his/her choice during the first year of the preparatory program.

For purposes of scheduling, course selection and complete preparation for medical school, the pre-medical student must work closely with the assigned faculty advisor.