Agricultural Sciences Area – BS

Program Competencies

Students graduating from the Agricultural Sciences-Bachelor of Science degree program should possess the following:

  1. Written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills; and basic math skills that will allow the individual to collect, analyze, interpret and present information that is used within the agricultural industry.
  2. An understanding of the basic concepts of the physical and biological sciences and how these sciences are applicable to the field of agriculture.
  3. An understanding of the importance of the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences and health sciences to humankind.
  4. An understanding and literacy of all disciplines of agriculture especially to include the disciplines of animal science, agronomy, soils, horticulture, agricultural mechanics, pest management, agricultural economics and farm management.

Additional Competencies for Specific Tracks

Agribusiness Track

An understanding of the principles of accounting and how they are used in agribusiness.

Agricultural Education Track

  1. The ability to use effective planning in course organization in agricultural education.
  2. The ability to plan daily instructional programs in agricultural education.
  3. An understanding of occupational experience programs and their role in agricultural education.
  4. An understanding of FFA and SAE and their role in agricultural education.
  5. An understanding of effective management of instructional programs in agricultural education.

Agronomy Track

An understanding of and the ability to apply the principles of soil conservation and weed science to crop production and also an understanding of how certain crops are utilized by farm animals.

Animal Science Track

An understanding of and the ability to demonstrate techniques used in the reproduction, husbandry, evaluation and feeding of farm livestock.

Golf Course Management Track

  1. An understanding of the selection, establishment, and maintenance of plants used on the golf course.
  2. An understanding of the business, horticultural, and recreational aspects of golf course management.

Horticulture Track

An understanding of the basic principles involved in the production and propagation of horticultural plants.


  1. Exit examination
  2. Surveys of graduating students, alumni, advisory groups, and employers
  3. Teacher certification examination for Agricultural Education

The specified course requirements must be taken in one of the following Agricultural Sciences tracks:


Agriculture Education


Animal Science

Equine Science

General Agriculture

Golf Course Management