Computer Science

Program Competencies

Students will:

  1. Have a firm understanding of computing from several points of view, such as hardware, functions, software engineering, network management, database management, operating system platforms, algorithm analysis and programming languages.
  2. Have a firm understanding of at least one high-level programming language, as well as experience with other languages and language structures.
  3. Be able to function as a productive member of a software development team or in any other computer related capacity.
  4. Be qualified to enter graduate studies in computer science.


  1. Senior capstone
  2. Survey of graduates
  3. Exit interviews
  4. Major Field Achievement Test

Bachelor of Science

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems is committed to the education of students who intend (1) to apply mathematics and computer science in industry or government, or (2) to use mathematical and computer algorithms in their chosen fields.