English Department

Tom Williams, Chair

103 Combs Building



A. Adams, K. Carlson, G. Colburn, C. Edington, G. Eklund, F. Engle, D. Gabrielson, M. Graves, F. Helphinstine, S. Henneberg, P. Hicks, C. Holbrook, A. Hruby, P. Johnson, D. Mascle, R. Morrison, S. Morrison, L. Neeper, S. Penn, D. Porter, T. Reding, R. Royar, J. Salyers, A. Taylor, J.Tyler, T. Williams (Chair)

Bachelor of Arts

The English curriculum has a two-fold purpose. It seeks to make a contribution to the general education of all students by providing them with the study of writing so they can use their language as effectively and precisely as possible and by introducing them to the sympathetic understanding of literature so their personal lives will be enriched by literary art. The English degree prepares students for such vocations as teaching, publishing, business and public relations as well as for further professional studies. Students seeking secondary certification should select the area.