Policies and Procedures

The specific policies and procedures to be used in applying the satisfactory progress standards are outlined below:

  1. Satisfactory progress will be evaluated at the end of each spring semester.
  2. Hours attempted for purposes of this policy will be defined as those for which a student receives a grade of A, B, C, D, E, F, I, IP, K, N, P, R, U or W.
  3. For undergraduate students, grades of E, F, I, IP, N, P, R, U and W will not qualify as successful completion of hours attempted.
  4. Noncredit remedial courses, courses taken for audit, and courses in which grades of K or P are received are not figured in the calculation of a student's GPA.
  5. If otherwise eligible, students will be given financial aid during a term in which they may be repeating a course. Financial aid can pay for the repeat of a passed course only one time.
  6. A student who fails to maintain satisfactory progress as defined will not be permitted to receive federal, state or institutional financial aid.