Admission Pathways

Unconditional Admission

If a first-time freshman applicant provides all required documentation and test scores with the application, has a 500 admission index or higher, a minimum ACT composite of 18 (or SAT equivalent), and meets all admission requirements, he or she will be admitted "unconditionally."

Provisional Admission

A first-time freshman applicant who has an admission index of 475-499, can be admitted “provisionally” to a four-year program, but must participate in the Eagle Success Program. See Eagle Success Program for additional information.

Conditional Admission

A first-time freshman applicant who has an admission index of 450-474 can be admitted “conditionally.” Students admitted to this pathway may enroll in an associate’s degree program or successfully complete the Success Academy in summer prior to the fall semester enrollment.  

Students admitted into an associate’s degree program have the option to switch to a bachelor’s degree program upon completion of 24 credit hours with a minimum 2.50 GPA.

Students who successfully complete the Success Academy will be provisionally admitted into a bachelor degree program in the fall semester.

Applicants who have an admission index below 450 will be evaluated for the admission status that offers the best opportunity for success.

Unless exempted, applicants who do not meet the Kentucky Pre-College Curriculum (PCC) must successfully satisfy the PCC within their first 24 credit hours.

Undergraduate Admissions may admit students when special circumstances exist and where students can demonstrate their ability to matriculate at MSU.