George M. Luckey Academic Honors Program

Dr. Philip Krummrich, Director

Honors House


The George M. Luckey Academic Honors Program is an academically-enriched program that provides highly motivated students with small classes, direct and personal contact with faculty members and involvement in their research, and greater curriculum flexibility. No more than 40 students per year will be admitted to the program; those who are admitted will receive the Honors Scholarship. This scholarship covers tuition, room and board, fees and books. Honors students will also receive up to $1,500 toward the cost of a required overseas experience.

Students will be required to:

  1. Seek Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and to keep records of involvement in research, presentations and publications;
  2. Complete 80 hours of approved service activities during their four years in the program and to keep records of their activities;
  3. Develop the ability to learn independently through three required experiences - self-education, honors-enhanced study and the senior honors project; and
  4. Be exposed to the world beyond our national borders through the required overseas experience.
Honors Program Requirements:

HON 100

HON 200

HON 205

HON 210

HON 215

HON 299

HON 300

HON 490


  1. HON 299, HON 300: (to be taken twice)
  2. HON 490: (maximum of 6 hours)
  3. HON 200, 205, 210 and 215 will fulfill requirements in general education. HON 200 has been approved as an alternative to the second required writing class (ENG 200) in the core. HON 205 will satisfy HUM I. HON 210 will satisfy SBS II. HON 215 will satisfy NSC II.
For more information or application forms, contact the Honors Program Director, Honors House, 209 Elizabeth St., Morehead, KY 40351, 606-783-2807 or 606-783-2726 or visit For additional scholarship information, visit