Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The pre-veterinary medicine program is a pre-professional program designed to prepare students for admission to a college of veterinary medicine to earn the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. Completion of the pre-veterinary requirements takes three-four years; then veterinary college takes another four years of study.

Since each veterinary college has its own specific admission requirements, it is essential that students work closely with a pre-veterinary advisor throughout the process.

Admission to veterinary college is very state-oriented. States that have veterinary colleges give priority to their own residents but may contract with states that do not have veterinary colleges to accept a certain number of nonresident students each year. In addition, a limited number of out-of-state, noncontract positions may be available. In-state and contract applicants have approximately a one in three chance of acceptance; while out-of-state, noncontract applicants have about a one in 10 chance of acceptance.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is a participating member in the Southern Regional Education Board Contract Program under which legal Kentucky residents may attend veterinary college at Auburn University or Tuskegee University in Alabama. Students accepted to veterinary college under this contract program pay only the in-state tuition of that university.

Residents of states other than Kentucky may complete the pre-veterinary requirements for the veterinary college of their state at Morehead State University. West Virginia residents may apply under contract to Ohio State University, University of Georgia, and Tuskegee University. The transfer of courses to satisfy the specific requirements of a particular college must be negotiated in advance to assure acceptance. Students must work closely with the pre-veterinary advisor in making the appropriate contacts.

Although a degree is not required for admission to veterinary college, it is advisable to work toward a degree in conjunction with the pre-veterinary requirements. All applicants are not accepted and one must have a suitable degree to build an alternate career. Suitable degree programs include veterinary science, veterinary technology, and biology. The Bachelor of Science - Area in Veterinary Science program is specifically designed to address the needs of pre-veterinary students. For further information contact:

Pre-Veterinary Advisor

25 MSU Farm Drive

Morehead, KY 40351