General Academic Information

Program Evaluations

Students should review their official program evaluation online or obtain a copy via their MyMoreheadState account at

Students who subsequently change their area/major/minor program must complete a change of program form in the dean's office of their chosen program.

General Education Program

The General Education Program provides a foundation of knowledge and skills vital for all students. The curriculum provides students with the attributes needed to participate intelligently and responsibly in the discourses that shape the communities in which they live. General education is more than the acquisition of information or skills for daily life; it transcends the merely factual to raise and engage evaluative and philosophical questions. General education submits the fundamental principles and suppositions of a body of knowledge to inquiry and discussion. It challenges students to uncover and examine the assumption under which they operate. General education aims to form in students a questioning spirit that will continue through their college career and their life as a whole and provide the grounds for development of the kind of people who can secure their own well-being while contributing to their communities, their professions and the world in which they live. Approved Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs) form the foundation for student achievement, curriculum development and program assessment.

Requirements for Graduation

To earn an undergraduate degree, students must meet general University requirements and specific program of study requirements. These requirements are explained in the academic programs section of this catalog. Listed below are the general University requirements for bachelor's degrees, associate degrees and second degrees.

Applying for Graduation

Undergraduate students can register for graduation online at Registration for spring and summer terms must be completed by March 15 and registration for the fall term must be completed by October 15, in order to avoid a late fee. 

To register for graduation:

  1. Contact Accounting and Financial Services at 606-783-2019 to pay the $20 application fee. The fee is $30 after the deadline.   
  2. Complete the online graduation application OR access a pdf copy of the application at
  3. Submit the online application after completing all required fields OR email a pdf copy of the application to

Students will receive an email to their MSU account within 72 business hours.

Commencement is observed two times during the academic year. Ceremonies are held at the end of the fall and spring terms. For additional information regarding graduation and commencement, visit or contact the Office of the Registrar at 606-783-2008 or

Dual Program Completion

Students can now count courses across disciplines (also known as "double-dipping") in order to satisfy program requirements for dual majors or a major and a minor. General Education courses are not included in the dual program completion policy.

Completion of Two Bachelor's Degrees Simultaneously

Students who wish to receive two bachelor's degrees simultaneously must satisfactorily complete the regularly prescribed requirements of both degree programs. The degree program that a student is admitted to first will be the first degree. A minimum of 32 new credit hours in residence for the second degree must be completed (e.g., if the first degree requires 120 credit hours, a total of 152 hours must be completed). No more than two bachelor's degrees may be awarded simultaneously. Final approval of both degree programs must be obtained from each of the appropriate departments and college(s).

Second Degree Requirements

If you have earned a degree from Morehead State University or any other accredited college or university, you may earn a second bachelor's degree or associate degree by completing program requirements approved by your major department. For more detailed information regarding the specific guidelines regarding this policy, visit UAR 111 at

Project Graduate

Project Graduate is a statewide collaborative effort between the Council on Post-Secondary Education (CPE) and other Kentucky colleges and universities to provide returning students with more than 80-credit hours help in finishing their degree. Students who qualify for Project Graduate are eligible for incentives such as:

  • Free application
  • Tuition assistance
  • Priority enrollment
  • Individual advising

For more information on completing your degree through Project Graduate, contact Jill McBride, Project Graduate liaison, at or 606-783-5226.

Distance Education and Instructional Design

Morehead State University offers numerous distance education classes to students in the region through advanced technology. Students earn credit toward a degree by interacting with their peers and professors through interactive compressed video (ITV) and Internet classes. For more information on the courses available through distance education, contact the Office of Distance Education and Instruction Design, 100 Camden Carroll Library, 606-783-2140 or 800-585-6781, option #3.

Craft Academy

Morehead State University is home to the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics, a dual-credit residential high school for academically exceptional Kentucky students.  The Craft Academy seeks to empower Kentucky’s high achieving youth to create, invent and lead in STEM career fields to improve the quality of lives in Eastern Kentucky and the Commonwealth.

The Craft Academy offers a residential college experience to promote innovation and creative enterprise and meets the unique educational needs of academically talented high school juniors and seniors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  A college-level curriculum allows students to finish high school while also completing two years of university coursework.  At the end of two years, Craft Academy students will have earned a minimum of 60 college credit hours as well as their high school diploma. 

Students who wish to attend the Craft Academy must meet certain requirements and apply for the program. Students are selected based on ACT/SAT scores, academic grades from their first two years of high school, interest in advanced STEM careers, responses to application essay questions, an interview by the Academy selection committee and recommendations from teachers and others who can attest to the student’s preparedness for the program. 

For more information, contact the Craft Academy Director at 606-783-2093 or visit www.