Grading System

The faculty evaluates the work done by the graduate student on the following scale:

A Superior work.
B Average.
C Below average, but counts as graduate credit.
D No credit allowed; computed as zero quality points in GPA calculation.
E No credit allowed; computed as zero quality points in GPA calculation. This grade is given to a student who completed the course and earned a failing grade.
I Work not completed by semester's end, does not compute in the GPA for the current term and credit hours or quality points earned. This grade is given only when a student has completed all but a small amount of coursework due to illness or other significant extenuating circumstances (refer to UAR 108). Incompletes must be made up by midterm the following semester (summer term excluded). If course requirements are not completed by midterm of the following semester, the "I" grade becomes a failing grade. Instructors must file an Incomplete Grade Form in the College Dean's office. When entering a grade of "I" for the term, you must enter an expiration date. The expiration date for the spring term is Oct. 15.
IP In progress. This grade is to be assigned to any 670 (Directed Research), 699 (Thesis) or 676 (Directed Study) Course ONLY.
K Credit, pass-fail course - credit hours earned; no quality points and not computed in GPA. This grade is given when a student passes a pass-fail course.
N Failure, pass-fail course - no quality points; computed in the GPA.
U Unofficial withdrawal. Computed as credits attempted; computed as zero quality points in GPA calculation. Given to a student who stopped attending the course, did not complete the course and did not officially withdraw from the course.
W Withdrew officially. No hours attempted; not computed in GPA.
WY Withdrawal from audit class. Not computed in GPA.
Y Audit credit. No hours attempted; not computed in GPA; not applicable to degree program.

The "I" mark provides one-half semester for completion of coursework that cannot, because of extenuating circumstances, be completed by the end of the term. If the course requirements are not finished by midterm of the next semester, the "I" mark will be changed to a failing grade.

An "IP" grade is used to denote the continuation of an applied project, thesis, or major research project undertaken in lieu of a thesis. The "IP" grade may also be utilized for a three-hour 670 numbered research course that cannot be finished in one or one-and-a-half semesters. The "IP" grade must be changed to either a letter grade or "W" within the program time limit allowed for completion of a graduate degree or non-degree program. If the student is enrolled in more than one graduate program, the specific graduate degree or non-degree program that is to be completed must have no classes assigned the grade of either "I" or "IP" for the student to be awarded the degree or non-degree. An "IP" grade will remain a neutral factor in determining a student's GPA. The following graduate grades are counted in computing the GPA: A, B, C, D, E, I and U. It is recommended the "Y" audit credit be utilized for students who wish to pursue graduate credit for professional development.