Music, Theatre and Dance Department

Donald Grant, Chair

106 Baird Music Hall


Dance Faculty

N. Davis

Music Faculty

S. Baker, L. Baruth, S. Blair, J. Brimson, S. Creasap, G. Detweiler, D. Eastwood, R. Escalante, G. Ginn, D. Grant (Chair), J. Grice, C. Hammond, C. Hsieh, E. Ko, R. Little, W. Mann, B. Mason, S. McBride. R. Miles, F. Oddis, D. Oyen, R. Prindle, S. Snyder, M. Sugihara, P. Taylor, G. Towell, J. Viton, G. Wing

Theatre Faculty

G. Carlisle, N. Davis, P. Denayer, D. Watkins

The Department of Music, Theatre and Dance, a widely recognized and distinguished center of excellence, has an impressive history of serving and enriching the region since the 1920s. As part of a great University within the atmosphere of a small community, the department enrolls more than 300 majors that hail from several states and foreign countries and employs a distinguished faculty of more than 37 instructors with extensive credentials and professional expertise. Department alumni are recognized artists, scholars, teachers and leaders in arts and arts education with noteworthy achievements regionally, nationally, and internationally. As an accredited institutional member of NASM and NAST, MSU offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in theatre, theatre with teaching certification, music education, jazz studies and performance. A minor in traditional music is offered in conjunction with MSU’s Kentucky Center for Traditional Music. Private music study is offered on orchestral and keyboard instruments, and voice, conducting, guitar and traditional instruments. Musical training and performance opportunities are also provided to students who are not planning musical careers.