The admission of all undergraduate students to Morehead State University is administered by the authority of Undergraduate Admissions in the Office of Enrollment Services, which reflects and works within the context of the mission statement of the University and within appropriate state and federal guidelines and policies.

All applicants for admission are required to submit evidence of their prior educational experience and other supporting data for evaluation. The Office of Enrollment Services may request clarification of submitted documents and retains all documents as part of the student's permanent record. The University reserves the right to deny admission (or to admit with certain restrictions) based on an evaluation of the student's supporting data and a determination of immoral character or propensity for violent or other conduct similarly unacceptable for the unrestricted admittance into the University community. The Undergraduate Admission and Scholarship Application requires applicants to report all criminal convictions, other than minor traffic violations and juvenile offenses. To assess the suitability of such applicants to the University community and identify any special conditions for enrollment, the University has established a review process. Copies of the Review Process for Undergraduate Admission Applicants with Reported Criminal Convictions are available upon request in the Office of Enrollment Services. Preliminary admission decisions made by the office prior to receipt of all official and final documentation are temporary and are subject to change.

Students who do not meet the requirements for admission to either four-year or two-year degree programs may appeal for special consideration when past academic performance may not be indicative of the ability to do college-level work or when there may be errors in supporting documentation. Guidelines for the appeals procedure are available in the Office of Enrollment Services.

Requests for applications or questions concerning admission should be directed to Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Enrollment Services, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY 40351; by phone at 606-783-2000, 1-800-585-6781,  by fax to 606-783-5038 or online at Students are encouraged to visit the campus to discuss intended programs of study. Schedule your visit online at

Completion of admission requirements generally allows students to enroll in any program at Morehead State University. However programs such as nursing, imaging sciences, veterinary technology and teacher education require additional procedures. Students wishing to pursue studies in these programs must submit appropriate application materials to each program separate from those required by Undergraduate Admissions. For additional information, consult with appropriate sections of the catalog or contact Undergraduate Admissions in Enrollment Services.

Requirements for admission for high school graduates, GED recipients, transfer students, returning students, international students, home-schooled students, special students and students auditing courses are detailed within this section.