Technology Resources

Morehead State University, through the Office of Information Technology, provides a variety of computing resources in support of instructional, administrative, alumni and research activities. Several dozen servers are maintained to support Web, email and other academic and administrative functions. More than 2,500 microcomputers located in classrooms, labs and offices are replaced on a regular cycle to maintain state-of-the-art desktop technology across campus.

The University maintains 35 networked student labs/classroom facilities available to students throughout the campus. All instructional facilities, residence hall rooms and administrative facilities are attached to a campus telecommunications backbone that provides high-speed data access to local, state, national and international networks through the Internet. Additionally, all classroom buildings and selected commons areas across campus provide secure wireless access to the high-speed backbone.

Access to student services such as course registration, financial aid processing and fee payments is available to students and prospective students through the campus portal at

Other technology resources available to students include free voice mail (upon request) and email service, as well as free local phone service and digital cable television services to students living in a residence hall.