International Education Study Abroad Programs

Morehead State University offers students a variety of study abroad opportunities in various countries around the world. The majority of these programs grant academic credit upon successful completion of the program. For any study abroad program that awards academic credit, students may apply for any student loans or grants for which they would normally be eligible.

As a member of the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad consortium, the University is able to send faculty and students to English-speaking countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Ghana, Australia, Jamaica, Belize and India for educational offerings in a variety of subject areas. Programs are scheduled during the December/January interim, summer sessions, or the spring semester. Internships are also available. Students can earn from three to six credit hours depending on the length of the program in which they are enrolled.

MSU is a participant in the Kentucky Institute for International Studies, a consortium allowing University faculty and students to travel to study centers around the world, including such countries as France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Spain, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Turkey. Courses are offered during the summer sessions and focus on languages, the humanities, social sciences, business, education and environmental sciences. Full semester programs are also available in Germany, France, Mexico and Spain.

The newest consortium to which Morehead State University belongs is the Magellan Exchange. While focusing in the past on business courses, the Exchange has begun to broaden its offerings. Students participate in semester or yearlong exchanges in European member institutions. Paying tuition to Morehead State University, U.S. students take courses offered in English. Countries included in the Magellan Exchange are Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Austria, Costa Rica, Mexico and South Korea. Opportunities to have internships while attending classes are also available.

Morehead State University sponsored programs may be offered to various locations by MSU professors. These programs are advertised by the professors.  Information is available in the Office of International Student Services. MSU offers a month long summer program to provide oral English training in Guangxi, China.

For additional information on study abroad opportunities, visit, or contact the Director of International Student Services, 422 University Blvd., Morehead State University, Morehead, KY 40351, 606-783-2096 or 606-783-2726.